Department For Education Launches Retention Scheme For Maths And Physics Teachers

The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a new scheme that will see eligible teachers given a retention payment.

The pilot scheme will give eligible maths and physics teachers in the first five years of their career a £2,000 payment after tax.

To be eligible for the £2,000 payment, teachers must meet the full criteria during the application window, and in each payment year. In addition, they must have completed at least one of the following:

  • UK undergraduate or postgraduate mathematics-related degree – G1 to G9 on the JACS 3.0 principal subject codes

  • UK undergraduate or postgraduate physics-related degree – F3 on the JACS 3.0 principal subject codes

  • equivalent non-UK degree

  • initial teacher training (ITT) course specialising in mathematics or physics

For a full outline of the eligibility criteria and further information, please visit:

Emma Rennison, Executive Director of the Outwood Institute of Education, said: “The maths and physics teacher retention scheme launched by the DfE in May will help many teachers, and their families, financially and hopefully keep them in the profession.”