Career Opportunities

We hope that your teacher training is just the start of a career-long partnership with the Outwood Institute of Education!

During your training year, we will work closely with you the help you find the job for you, be that within our trust, our teaching school alliance or beyond. We know that the early years of a teacher’s career are some of the most rewarding yet challenging and working in a school which is right for you is vital; we will support you every step of the way in finding this school. 

Our support includes:

  • Training sessions with headteachers on what schools look for;

  • Support with applications; 

  • Mock interviews;

  • Updates on vacancies within the trust and alliance;

  • Opportunities to meet leaders from different schools to discuss possible vacancies; and 

  • Swift, efficient and personalised responses to reference requests.

These are only examples; it is our aim that all our trainees secure employment after their training year and we will do everything we can to help. To find out more about current vacancies, please click on the button below: